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the trifecta

3 races. 1 year. BE UNBREAKABLE

Complete a Sprint, Super, and Beast in one year to conquer Spartan's ultimate challenge — the Trifecta. Join the ranks of the most elite racers and transform yourself forever.

How It Works

Each time you finish a race you’ll receive a wedge in addition to your race medal. The 3 wedges snap together to form the ultimate Trifecta award.

Spartan Super –
10k, 25 obstacles
Spartan Beast –
21K, 30 Obstacles
3 wedges combine
for your 1st
trifecta medal
Complete all 3 in 1 weekend
Unlock the exclusive medal
More than a Trifecta
Become a Trifecta Legend
Complete a Trifecta Weekend

Complete a Trifecta Weekend

If you want a next-level challenge, these weekends are worth it. You can attack a Sprint, Super, and Beast in two days. On top of Spartan swag, you’ll get an exclusive Weekend Trifecta finisher medal. Find a Trifecta Weekend and start training.

1 Year. Multiple Trifectas.

1 Year. Multiple Trifectas.

There is an unbreakable tribe of Spartans dedicated to pushing their physical and mental limits by tackling multiple Trifectas.

A select few have what it takes to finish more than one in a year. Join this elite group and you’ll earn a rare finisher’s kit. Keep going and with each Trifecta, you’ll add to your collection of rare medals. Visit the Trifecta Tent at your next race for more details.

Eager to find out how you stack up? Check out the 2023 Trifecta Standings here.

Lifetime Leaderboard

Lifetime Leaderboard

Every Spartan with two or more lifetime Trifectas has their name engraved on the Wall of Legends in Sparta, Greece. You’ll get an invite to the annual World Trifecta Championship in Sparta to take part in a special ceremony, where you’ll meet other legends and pick up exclusive swag.

View The Lifetime Standings

Trifecta World Championship
Elk jaar komen Trifecta finishers samen in Sparta, Griekenland, om te strijden in het legendarische Trifecta Wereldkampioenschap. Atleten racen een Sprint, Super en Beast, vieren de oude Griekse cultuur met een wereldwijde onbreekbare gemeenschap en meer, allemaal in één weekend.


Hoe verdien ik een Trifecta?
Kan ik meer dan één Trifecta per jaar verdienen?
Hoe werkt de kwalificatie voor het Trifecta Wereldkampioenschap?
Ik heb meer vragen over de Trifecta.